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Equinox Character Portrait

We recommend that your first chart should be a Character Portrait. This is a full birth chart interpretation. This natal analysis is an invaluable introduction to Astrology and can be ordered on its own, or in combination with a Forecast. The Character Portrait averages 20 pages.

Child Profile

The Child Profile is an astrological analysis written for babies, children and young adults (up to 15 years) and provides insight into their developing years. It helps parents to understand their child and how to unlock his or her potential.

Equinox Year Forecast

Don't expect the Forecast to be a prediction. It's an in-depth look at what's happening to you now, and the influences (including moon phases) over the next twelve months. This is our most popular horoscope - though it's advisable to start with your Character Portrait (natal chart). The booklet contains 18 to 30 pages. There is also a more detailed Extended Year Forecast.

Compatibility Profile

The Compatibility Profile analyzes your personal relationship by studying your chart in relation to that of your partner or potential partner. It is designed to help you make the most of your relationship.

Equinox Year Forecast

The Combination horoscope runs to about 40 pages and contains a Character Portrait and a Year Forecast together at a reduced price.

Birth Chart Wheel

Birth Chart Wheel - is really for astrologers and astrology students. It is a single page, coloured technical diagram of your birth chart, displaying the astrological symbols and aspects between the planets at the time of your birth.

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