Key Resources

Metalog - [Metalog] [Karen Chiarello] Metalog's Astrology on the Net - The web's most extensive & established directory of professional astrology sites. [London, England]

British Astrological AssociationAstrological Association of Great Britain [Roy Gillett, Pres.] One of Europe's leading astrological organisations, bringing together astrologers from all over the world.[London, England]

Astro Live Link: Chat to a Live Astrologer Astro Live Link Live Astrology Readings: Talk to a live professional astrologer now! Astrologers are selected and approved by the Astrological Association of Great Britain. [World-wide but UK, Astralia & USA base]

Aquarmoonlight Astrology Aquamoonlight Astrology [Debby Rose] Educational resource explaining astrological chart features from basic (signs) to advanced (chiron) plus horary. [Southern England]

Astrology by AdZe MiXXe [Rev. John G. Derrickson]Personal and sun sign daily horoscopes. Uniquely accurate horoscope readings, complete astrology guide, compatibility, celebrity horoscopes. [West Chester, PA, USA] [Brandi Jasmine] daily and weekly horoscopes plus advice column & discussion forum [Toronto, ON, Canada]. Boy or Girl [Robyn Roze]Predicting the sex of a baby or the time to conceive using the Lunar Phases and Astrology. [Brooklyn, NY, USA]

Astro Servuces Astro-Services[Ellen Emeney]Horoscopes, world forecasts, astrology software, horary, financial astrology, chart rectification, horoscope jewellery, Chinese divination, website tips, downloads and tarot, and more! [Penzance, Cornwall, UK]~

Zodiac Star Signs and their Meanings. [Richard Hills] A survey of the meaning of each of the 12 zodiac star signs by astrologer Richard Hills. [Sutton, Surrey, UK]

The Starsign Survey [Jess Lailey] Fun survey that attempts to predict your sun sign based on other people's answers. [Bournemouth, uk]

Creative Force Zodiac Astrology [Anthony Frost] Vibration Science Astrology - A mirror of future time and events for personal and business relationships. [Melbourne, Australia]

Astrology by Star*Charts [Shirley Peel]Astrology information, charts and interpretations for greater insight into romance, family, career and life enrichment. [Social Circle, GA, USA]

Astrology Mix Co UK [Beverley Taylor ] Birthcharts, Synastry, Transit Reports, Triple Charts - 1 each Western, Chinese, Indian Birthcharts, Greeting Cards. [Burgess Hill, West Sussex,, UK]

Free Horoscope Daily [Jesse Skinner] A clean, easy and simple web site with no clutter. Just free horoscopes every day. [Barrie, Ontario, Canada]

Astrology Signs [Justin Krutz] Learn about astrology signs, symbols, and charts, and find free daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, plus horoscopes on your pets. [San Diego, CA, USA]

Astrology in Bali Astrology in Bali [Evelyn Roberts] Steven Forrest & Lynn Bell ~ Intensive, residential astrological workshop in a tropical paradise. [Solvang, CA, USA]

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