Equinox® Year Forecast Horoscope

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Equinox Year Forecast

No Expertise required

The Year Forecast can be understood by anyone. It is not cluttered with astrological jargon.

Symbols listed for students

For those who like to be kept informed or wish to study astrology, each transit is listed with the appropriate astrological planetary glyphs placed discretely in the margin.

Create your future. Turn dreams into reality & challenge into success.

The Equinox Year Forecast analyses the astrological trends in your chart now and over the coming twelve months.

Rather than being a prediction, this Forecast enables you to make the most of what is happening and the opportunities ahead. Though the tone of the text is positive, it will not gloss the inevitable challenges of life. Here, the focus is on how to turn potential set-backs and limitations to your advantage and to learn from each experience in a constructive way.

A unique combination of Moon phases and long-term Transit cycles

Astrologer, Robert Currey uses a technique known as transits to identify how the powerful long-range planetary cycles unfold in your life. In addition, he includes a detailed study of the subtle cyclical effects of the phases of the Moon including eclipses in your chart. These shorter range influences can explain annual patterns of behaviour, moods and energy cycles - so you can know when you will be on top form and at your most effective.

An Intelligent, Synthesised Analysis

The Equinox Year Forecast uses intelligent synthesised techniques to evaluate the significance of each influence. Trends are analysed by taking account of your birth chart, the stage in the planetary cycle, other coinciding trends, plus your age and gender. The Equinox Year Forecast is not like any other forecast. Most forecast reports have a high level of repetition year-on-year. Some even repeat within the 12 months. This forecast interprets each stage as a unique part of a wider cycle resulting in a coherent and integrated analysis that flows from one year to the next.

Includes an "at a glance" table that stretches well beyond the 12 months

Another feature that makes the Equinox Forecast superior is that in addition to the detailed annual projections, it provides a review of major influences over period of up to thirty months. This overview lists key dates and phases together with one-line comments on each influence over this extended period. So you also receive a comprehensive "at a glance" table that helps with understanding and planning. To find out more about ordering your Year Forecast...

Year Forecast:

Projection: 12 months
Start: 1st of any month
Format: Booklet
Binding: Perfect
Avg. Pages: 25
Author: Robert Currey
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Time of birth (if known)
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