Equinox Character Portrait Horoscope

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Equinox Character Portrait

No Expertise required

The Character Portrait can be understood by anyone. It is not cluttered with astrological jargon.

Symbols listed for students

But for those who like to be kept informed, you can clearly identify the significance of your Rising Sign (known as the Ascendant) and all the planets by sign and house position. For the astrology enthusiast, aspects can also be identified by planetary glyphs discretely placed in the margin.

The Character Portrait is the start of a journey of self-discovery.

The Equinox Character Portrait is about you and you alone. This personal report is a full interpretation of your birth chart written by astrologer, Robert Currey.

You may know who you are, but your chart reveals who you can become.

Your Character Portrait horoscope identifies more than just obvious personality traits that you will gladly recognise. It will uncover hidden talents and unravel complex parts of your nature. It brings a level of self-understanding that will lead to greater self-confidence. It can lead to more successful relationships and friendships and open up career possibilities that you may never have considered before. Everyone has room for improvement in every aspect of their life. Self-knowledge from this natal chart gives you the tools to handle a wider and more fulfilling range of options.

Your Natal Chart is the basis of astrology

The Character Portrait is the essential starting point to any journey into astrology. Even if you have had a chart done by another astrologer, you will gain much additional insight from this different perspective that will change your life in a positive way. Many people order this chart in combination with a Year Forecast. This is the ideal combination, but if you only wish to buy one chart, you will benefit most from the Character Portrait.

Discover themes and patterns that run through your life & your potential

The Character Portrait covers the whole pattern of your life. It is a one-off investment that you will keep forever. Over the years you will refer to the document often and re-read passages. Each time you read it, you will discover new insights into your nature, path and the mystery of your existence. To find out more about ordering your Character Portrait...

Character Portrait:

Astrological Analysis
Personality & Potential
Format: Booklet
Binding: Perfect
Pages: 19-24
Avg. Pages: 21
Author: Robert Currey
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Time of birth (if known)
Equinox Personal Horoscope
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